Test Weights

Our Minneapolis office has an environmentally controlled calibration laboratory.
We are able to calibrate weights ranging in size from 1mg to 50lbs in Weight Classes 1 thru 6 and F.
Our NIST trained Metrologist uses the most recognized method of calibration, the double substitution method,
to keep our uncertainties to a minimum.

NBS is accredited to ISO 17025-2005 for Test Weight Calibration.


NBS Calibrations, A2LA Accredited

Benefits of using

NBS Calibrations

  • Weights are calibrated to conform with specified Class Tolerances
  • Adjustments are made as needed or requested.
  • Each weight is supplied with an ISO Guide 17025-2005 accredited calibration certificate.
  • Our Metrologist is available to answer your weight and calibration related questions.
  • Appointments can be made to calibrate your weights, call us at 1-800-722-5398 to set up an appointment.

Test Weight Calibration Price List


1 Weight


2-5 Weights


6-10 Weights


11+ Weights