History of NBS Calibrations

It Started With One Person

NBS Calibrations was founded in 1971, by Jerry Johnson. Previously located in Bloomington, Minnesota we are now located in Blaine since October 2021. We’ve been in business for over 52 years! Formerly known as Northern Balance and Scale, we now do business as NBS Calibrations. Northern Balance and Scale started when Jerry Johnson worked with Mettler and turned into starting his own business. As a team of 1 person, he would sometimes go around offering free services, to gain loyal customers who would return in the future. As he proved the quality of service from Northern Balance and Scale, the business grew tremendously over time. Jerry Johnson eventually retired and Steve Hofius owned and ran the business with his Wife Patty for over 15 years, evolving into NBS Calibrations. They brought on new change including but not limited to the addition of other calibrations. Thus the name changed from Northern Balance and Scale to NBS Calibrations, created under Steve and Patty.

Growth & High Quality Service

NBS Calibrations has now grown to 34 employees! We are continuously focused on improving and expanding the services that we offer to our customers. We hope to make your experience with NBS Calibrations seamless and smooth from beginning to end, while we offer the best turn around times, friendly and high quality service! We are the best at what we do- leading the Laboratory and Industrial Calibrations industry!

Andrew Rodriguez (left) & Jacob Christianson (right)

New Owners

NBS Calibrations is now owned by Co-Owners Jacob Christianson and Andrew Rodriguez. Jacob started as a Metrologist in 2009 and has been with the company for over 14 years. Jacob is an expert at quality, standards, and processes in this industry. Andrew started as a Field Technician in 2008 and has been with the company for over 15 years. Andrew is an expert at all things sales, customer service, promotions, and communications related!

Together, they are a strong duo, leading an incredible team of employees who support the success and growth of the company daily. With continuous dedication towards our company and industry, we are so excited to see what the long-term future holds for NBS Calibrations!

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