Pipette Calibration

Onsite or Shipped In.

Does your company need to have pipettes calibrated or inspected by professionals who know exactly what they’re doing?

NBS Calibrations is the company you can trust to provide you with industry-leading pipette calibration services
as well as pipette inspection service. Whether you choose to have services performed on pipettes onsite in
Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, or Illinois or decide to ship pipettes in for service,
NBS Calibrations can get the job done for you and make sure your pipettes are calibrated and inspected the right way.

Since 1971, NBS Calibrations has provided those within the scientific, industrial,
and educational community with the best pipette calibration services and pipette inspection service.
Equipped with decades of experience and a deep-rooted understanding of calibration services,
NBS Calibrations can set your company up with the best products and services.

NBS Calibrations also specializes in providing pipette rentals to those
who might need them while their products are being serviced.


Call NBS Calibrations at 800-722-5398 TODAY
to schedule pipette calibration services or pipette inspection service.

NBS-Calibrations is accredited to ISO 17025-2005 for Pipette Calibration.

NBS Calibrations, A2LA Accredited
NBS Calibrations currently offers several different levels of pipette calibration services and pipette inspection services to meet the various needs of our customers.

From a very simple and straightforward pipette calibration and inspection to a complete NIST Traceable A2LA accredited calibration with all the proper documentation, NBS Calibrations can deliver the services you need.

NBS Calibrations is accredited to ISO 17025-2005 for pipette calibration and is fully
qualified to work on your company’s equipment.

Review the price comparison chart below to determine what prices will work for you at this time.
Then choose the “Mail-in Form” or “Online Form” to let us know about your service needs.




8 Channel

12 Channel

Minimum Number

(or any number totally $1000)

For on-site service only

Mechanical & Electrical Prices

Preventative Maintenance 

New Seals and O-Rings as needed 

A NIST Traceable ISO 17025 accredited Cal. Certificate.

Level 1

Simple pass/fail documentation provided

5 readings taken at 10% & 100%
of nominal capacity.




40+ Pipettes

Level 2

Standard Cal. Certificate per Pipette 

7 readings at 10%, 50% & 100%
 of nominal capacity 

"As found" & "As left" data provided





Level 3

10 readings at 10%, 50% & 100% 

"As found" & "As left" data provided





Pipette Rentals

Rentals are available while you wait for your serviced products to return.

Onsite Service

NBS Calibrations services Nationwide!


Calibration Estimate Calculator

Benefits of using NBS Calibrations

NBS Calibrations


TTE Labs


Lowest Price

Produce more reading

"As Found"


"As Left" 

on all Certificates

ISO 17025

Accredited Certificates


Fast Turnaround

Electronic Pipettes are the same price.