Test Weight Calibration

In order for balances and scales to function properly, it’s important for weights to be calibrated.
Established in 1971, NBS Calibrations can provide your company with weight calibration services.
NBS Calibrations has an NIST-trained metrologist who knows how to calibrate weights
and use the most recognized method of calibration, which is called the double substitution method,
to keep uncertainties to a minimum during the weight calibration process.

 NBS Calibrations also has an environmentally-controlled calibration laboratory fully equipped to perform weight calibration services.
NBS Calibrations understands how to calibrate weights ranging in size from 1mg all the way up to 50 pounds in Weight Classes 1 through 6 and F.


Give NBS Calibrations a call at 800-722-5398 to set up an appointment for weight calibration services.
NBS is accredited to ISO 17025-2005 for Test Weight Calibration.
NBS Calibrations, A2LA Accredited

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Benefits of using

NBS Calibrations

There are many benefits that come along with using the weight calibration services offered by NBS Calibrations. Outside of the fact that NBS Calibrations knows how to calibrate weights effectively, you’ll also enjoy these advantages when you use NBS Calibrations for weight calibrations


  • Weights are calibrated to conform with specified Class Tolerances
  • Adjustments are made as needed or requested.
  • Each weight is supplied with an ISO Guide 17025-2005 accredited calibration certificate.
  • The NBS Calibrations’ Metrologist is available to answer your weight and calibration-related questions.
  • Appointments can be made to calibrate your weights, call us at 1-800-722-5398 to set up an appointment.

Test Weight Calibration Price List



Number User


1 Weight


2-5 Weights


6-10 Weights


11+ Weights